How to write a text commentary

You might answer these questions in a number of different ways or orders, but they will usually fall broadly into the structure of description then commentary.

How to Write a Book Commentary

Use personal adjectives that express how you felt while reading this book and how you feel after reading.

Mention about the theme, subject, and audience This is about the main part of the commentary, i. A poetic analysis can be written formally, dissecting the poem word by word. Why or why not? What is the poet's attitude toward the subject of the poem, and does it change from the beginning to the end?

What would we struggle not knowing? What do we need to know about the broader picture to make sense of this source? So often, students jump straight over the basics to get to the important stuff.

How is the reader supposed to feel when reading the poem? Avoid them unless you feel it highly relevant in order to strengthen your viewpoint or opinion in the discussion.

Writing a Source Commentary

Skipping this will leave you on shaky ground. There is no need to delve too deeply into plot analysis at this point; that will come later. For example, the introduction and conclusion might be far more brief than for a standard essay.

Note their feedback and use them to polish your writing before you present it to the publisher. How might other primary sources you know of answer questions raised by this one, show a different side of the same happenings, corroborate or call into question what we see here?

Listen to the words and sentences carefully and observe the tone and style of discussion. Is this source useful to historians? Prepare before writing To have a clear understanding of the text, you may have to read it multiple times.

If you can make him see something new, your analysis has proven worthwhile. The opening sentence needs to make it clear what source is under review. That said, not every historian will use every kind of source.

What sort of historian, trying to understand what about the past, would find this source useful? For example, it may be a light and friendly tone at some point and in some situation and maybe serious at another point or in another situation. The attitude and the mood of the author can be known by looking at the tone of the text.

How does this poem relate to your world and your life? This will help you improve your commentary. In what ways is it useful? Thus it works as a perspective that brings more clarity to the idea or the problem discussed in the article.

A campaign speech or the posthumously published diaries of the same politician, for example. Give your overall opinion of the work.Step 1: Read the text!! • Read the text several times: – First time read quickly to get a gist of what the text is about.

– Then read more slowly, looking for the main ideas. Aug 23,  · To write a commentary, write about your observations and analysis of the text you read. You should craft a clear and specific thesis statement about the novel, poem, or play you are evaluating.

Your thesis statement should explain your stance or argument about the text%(34). MELAB Sample Essays and Commentary 1 On the following pages are ten MELAB essays representative of each score on the MELAB Writing Rating Scale.

Commentaries follow each sample essay. A condensed version of the rating scale is available on page follow the development of the ideas in the text. MELAB Sample Essays and Commentary 4. Mar 06,  · Writing a Source Commentary The bread and butter of studying history is the use of primary sources.

So it’s no surprise that a common assignment in a History degree is to write a source commentary or analysis.

Writing a Source Commentary

Step 1: Read the text!! • Read the text several times: – First time read quickly to get a gist of what the text is about. – Then read more slowly, looking for the main ideas. Students typically use commentary essays to demonstrate knowledge of texts, and to provide opinion and rationale for agreeing with or disagreeing with information presented in texts.

Commentary essays may focus on just one text or serve as a means to compare and contrast multiple texts.

How to write a text commentary
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