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Doors were left open to allow live cattle to escape, fire extinguishers were emptied, and the fire was specifically aimed at the killing floor, refrigeration units holding carcasses, and transport trucks. The organizational method and structure of the organization allowed it to present a non-violent image to the general public while engaging in disruptive measures against activities and groups that it opposes.

ALF extremists claim to have broken into a KFC restaurant, painting slogans in the interior and sabotaging lighted signs and electric cables. The Animal Liberation Front, like any other terrorist groups, is also engaged in cyberterrorism and the use of coded mails.

Earth Liberation Front

No one was injured. A vanpool vehicle, owned by UCLA, was set on fire and destroyed.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

This updated edition contains 17 pages of new material not included in the previous printing. A rare female Mexican gray wolf was re-captured after the lock on her enclosure was broken. The ALF has originally engaged in criminal acts against properties by destroying facilities that utilize animals for economic and research purposes.

December 8, Georgia: January 31 February 25,Stockholm, Sweden: February 10, Westwood, CA: Animal rights extremists broke into a mink farm, breaking locks and cages. Anyone can claim responsibility for an illegal action in the name of the ALF. Suspects have been identified and police expect arrests.

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March 8 Mexico: That's about - two dollars. In order to achieve both goals, the ALF has sought to drive companies and individuals profiting from abuse of animals out of business.

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Since the September 11th attacks, ELF has claimed responsibility for at least two acts of violence, including destruction of oil equipment in Utah, and the destruction of a statue outside a Ronald McDonald House where families of seriously ill children stay in Tucson, Arizona.

Harper was connected with the ELF fire bombings of several businesses in Utah and was arrested and convicted of his crimes.

Although the Animal Liberation Front began with as few as thirty members, it carried out ten actions against vivisection targets in the remaining months of that year alone.

The eight fires damaged a building, boat, car, two for-lifts and a front-end loader. ALF actions are never merely symbolic, but rather are specifically designed to inflict economic damage on the targeted concern.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

The police and FBI are investigating.Dec 20,  · Other documents contain suspicions that PETA funds, supports or otherwise acts as a front for "eco-terrorist" groups that use arson, bombs or vandalism, such as the Animal Liberation Front.

FBI TOP TERRORISTS: ALF AND ELF. In the FBI ranked the Environmental Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) as the #1 Domestic Terrorist Threats. Homeland Security (DHS) documents ties between animal terrorism, Animal Rights, HSUS, and PeTA.

Though Justice Department officials publicly refer to the ALF and ELF defendants as "terrorists," none is formally charged under terrorist criminal statutes, nor are the terms "eco-terrorism" or. Tag Archives: domestic terrorism U.S. government officially declares PETA to be a terrorist organization (but the PETA inner circle is still “above the law”) December 3, dcinfowarrior bruce friedrich, domestic terrorism, exxonmobil, halliburton, ingrid newkirk, park foundation, peta, rockefeller philanthropy advisors, sunshine.

Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

May 19,  · Violent animal rights extremists and eco-terrorists now pose one of the most serious terrorism threats to the nation, top federal law enforcement officials say.

It also operates in alliance with the Earth Liberation Front (ELF (Arquilla Ronfeldt. another group which focuses on those involved in eco-trade and is also considered as among the country ‘s domestic terrorists.

Domestic eco terrorism peta alf elf essay
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