Archetypes on the dark knight

Bane obviously represents the darkness that suffocates the city. He is reminiscient of Janus, the two-faced god. At the very end of the movie when the Batman self-destructs with the bomb, it is symbolic of the ego finally merging with the Self to create a new third "happier" version of himself - in touch with the Anima Selina Kyleexorcises his parents death gives Selina his mother's necklaceintegrates the light and dark aspects of himself he gives up the Batcave to John Blake and Wayne Manor to Alfred to start afresh and at the very end gives a warm smile to the one archetype closest to the Self, The Wise Old Man - Alfred Personal Notes 1.

According to Nolan, an important theme of the sequel is "escalation", extending the ending of Batman Begins, noting "things having to get worse before they get better". After this encounter with Bane and his men, Bruce realizes that he is up against more than he has ever experienced. Rather, it is the self as self-construed, and may change according to situation and context.

He is willing to play the role of the husband, father and police officer but never to venture beyond that, someone whose every success is directly or indirectly dependent on the Batman's actions from Gordon's perspective, symbolic of success coming out of a higher calling that has not been addressed yet - beginner's luck.

While the ego is a self-contained little circle off the center contained within the whole, the Self can be understood as the greater circle. Helen is described as follows: At this point, Harvey, now fully present as Two-Face, decides to keep the gun, letting The Joker live.

The Dark Knight: Why So Successful?

Duality and The Fall of Man First on the theme of the fall. He can break the rules, such as going to Hong Kong to forcibly extradite a criminal. Again, the exact opposite of the intended effect has occurred, yet at this stage in the film, Bruce has difficulty accepting it. Fox is more of the mentor to Batman by providing what is necessary while Alfred is a mentor to Bruce himself.

And, it is certainly ironic that Batman's intent to fight crime caused a new breed of criminal to arise, i. In the film, Harvey is initially at odds with Gordon.

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Being the third film in the trilogy, this film truly grasps the full heroic journey. In the last few scenes of the trilogy, Bruce Wayne is seen by Alfred in a cafe somewhere in Europe, just as he had imagined earlier in the movie.

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However, she has her own methods manipulation, thieving, seduction to achieve her aims - things the Batman never considered before even having to reject them. In this portion of the film, the sewers resemble the hell in which these evil men have been festering, and the actual city resembles heaven, though it is being burned by the evil ones.

He is reminiscient of Janus, the two-faced god. In the last few scenes of the trilogy, Bruce Wayne is seen by Alfred in a cafe somewhere in Europe, just as he had imagined earlier in the movie.

In this sense, they represent chaos vs. Throughout the film, the theme is reinforced that Batman can do what others can't. The movie contains character, symbolic, and situational archetypes. Importantly, the persona, used in this sense, is not a pose or some other intentional misrepresentation of the self to others.

His theme is unity and simplicity. Bane represents the evil, darkness, chaotic side of the archetypal color while Batman illustrates the mysterious, unknown, and wise side of the archetype. Christopher Nolan used this piece of knowledge perfectly by creating characters that a viewer could quickly connect with.

It may appear in dreams under various guises see Carl Jung and his psychology. Bruce Wayne strives to hide from everybody his real self — the caped crusader, and the first thing that Joker does is that he forces Batman to publicly reveal himself, so that persona Bruce Wayne can merge with persona Batman.

Jung dubbed this character as a senex. In this sense, they represent chaos vs. The trickster represents that function of the ego which one believes one has control over but never really does which in the case of Bruce Wayne is Wayne Enterprises.

The Persona The persona is also the mask or appearance one presents to the world. The second is Helen, in allusion to Helen of Troy in Greek mythology.

Heaven, in this analogy, would be a perfect Gothem, the hell is the current state of Gothem.Nov 20,  · Archetypes in Dark Knight movie. In Julypeople all over the world were invited to “the world without the rules”, created by Christopher Nolan, particularly to the grim, dark and corrupted city of Gotham, a birthplace of.

Dark Knights are a mostly DARK Warrior Archetype that focuses on reversal plays, breaking established playing fields with ease, and swift OTKs. Higher level Main Deck members have some built-in means of Summoning themselves to the field, while lower level members either have a method of Special.

Other Archetypes Battle between Good and Evil The battle would be Batman(good) fighting the Joker(evil). He wins even though he has The Joker and all of his henchmen to fight, and overcomes anything else in his way.

Anti-hero Archetypes in The Dark Knight Batmans task is to defend Gotham. Meaning he has to fight The Joker and all other criminals. TEN ARCHETYPES IN THE DARK KNIGHT The Trickster This character is a catalyst for the story's progression.

His actions causing reactions from other characters. He doesn't follow any rules but his own. The Lover This character represents passion and selfless devotion to another. Batman and the Joker as the Apollo/Dionysius Archetypes.

Dark Knight (Archetype)

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About The Author. jay Related Post. The Symbolic Archetypes in The Dark Knight consist of "Light vs. Dark" and "Heaven vs. Hell." The Light/Dark analogy is very previlent and obvious in the movie, however the viewer must dig to see the heaven vs. hell. Heaven, in this analogy, would be a perfect Gothem, the .

Archetypes on the dark knight
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