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Recognizing objects with varying shape in images. He also developed new metrics and algorithms for indentifying unusually-routed ASes, and used them to shed light on how global routing patterns have evolved over a thirteen-year period.

Different research groups therefore focused on identifying potentially His techniques have found applications to other areas of cryptography, including deterministic encryption.

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Kyle also obtained solid complexity results for both games. Also suggested an online formulation of the Domain of Anomaly Detection. We give an exhaustive bibliography of the existing methods and show the relations between them. An empirical study is conducted to verify the accuracy of our algorithm.

EbbRT is able to simultaneously enable performance specialization, support for a broad range of applications, and ease the burden of systems development. These games can be valuable for computer science and mathematics education.

Mark Crovella and BU CS alumnus Anukool Lakhina highlighted in Science Coalition report

V 14, Anukool Lakhina, Mark Crovella, Christiphe Diot, Characterization of network- wide anomalies in traffic flows, Proceedings uc essays dashboard of the 4th ACM Jan 4, recent review to be found in the He has also developed new notions of anomalous routing behavior, and shown how such anomalies can be understood in the context of the economic and engineering goals of ISPs.

The followup work Li, b provides a practical algorithm, which is however difficult to analyze theoretically. He validated that his methods can accurately reconstruct the 3D trajectories of flying bats and birds or walking pedestrians, the 2D tracks of living fibroblast cells, or the outlines of the fingers of a gesturing hand.

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PhD Inferring Hidden Features in the Internet Gonca's thesis research developed new ways of estimating properties of the Internet that are hard or impossible to directly measure.

Natali is currently Data Scientist at Hush. He says that is about two thirds of the total his research team at BU has raised to build and test the bionic pancreas.

Giovanni Comarela PhD On the Dynamics of Interdomain Routing in the Internet Giovanni's thesis work developed new tools algorithms and metrics to analyze the behavior of interdomain routing over time. It combines several techniques in order to achieve this, including a distributed OS architecture, a low-overhead component model, a lightweight event-driven runtime, and many language-level primitives.

Andrej Cvetkovski PhD Graph Embeddings for Low-Stretch Greedy Routing Andrej's thesis research developed algorithms and heuristics to improve greedy routing — routing in which a packet is forwarded to the neighbor closest to the destination.

Estimators based on the geometric mean and the harmonic mean are developed. Andrej's work made heavy use of hyperbolic geometry, and relied on embedding network nodes in the Poincare disk.

He proposed new distance functions between nodes in probabilistic graphs and he designed and implemented efficient algorithms to answer nearest neighbor queries on very large probabilistic graphs.“Anukool Lakhina’s PhD thesis benefited from cross-disciplinary collaboration between BU’s departments of computer science and statistics, and the power of the resulting methods he developed led directly to the founding of Guavus.

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Anukool Lakhina. Impact of packet sampling on anomaly detection metrics () by Daniela Brauckhoff, Bernhard Tellenbach, Arno Wagner, Martin May Venue: In IMC ’ Proceedings of the 6th ACM SIGCOMM conference on Internet measurement I hereby declare that I am the sole author of this thesis.

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This is a true copy of the thesis, including. Anukool Lakhina, Ph.D. Recent Meetings. Shibboleth Installation Workshop Jul 10–11, Pittsburgh, PA Shibboleth Installation Workshop May 22–23, Phoenix, AZ IAM Online: Account Linking: Identities May Change.

permission to report measured data in this thesis. In particular, collaborative work with Alfred Hero, Josh Ash, Randy Moses, Spy-ros Kyperountas, and Neiyer Correal led to publication of the article, “Locating. Anukool lakhina thesis for streaming In this thesis, methods for security analysis at the IP layer are presented and Anukool Lakhina.

Have introduced Origin-Destination (OD).

Anukool lakhina thesis
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