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Good scores are only for what the students can repeat, not for what they can create. Like phrasal verbs, idioms are the specialty of native speakers only. Joining groups or creating new ones and inviting others to like or join them, Low effcient students are assisted through directing questions which will help them stick to the chapter theme and find their paths throughout easily.

There are equivalents but never word-for-word copies. Adjectives are omnipresent in English expressions as in idiomatic similes, descriptive styles, functions, proverbs and so on. Sometimes the author deals with an imaginary world such as in drama, novels and poetry.

The teacher is as funny as a stand-up comedian. The first one is really just a sketch: Think of other proverbs like these d. The teacher may want to add some more assignments like a.

Language is based on the stocked knowledge gathered by the culture. Adjectives of quality in idiomatic similes ………………………………… Once the learners face a problem with the new language, they have to check culture.

More importantly, people who live by the sea side use vocabulary and diction different from those living in the countryside. What will the world be like in the future? However they are a real source of confusion for speakers of other languages because they are actually … confusing. Fine feathers make fine birds 2.

Go write a novel.

What's wrong with this writing prompt?

This is a clear indication that perfection is not human. Take this list for instance; although it is long, it is not exhaustive at all.The same activity could be developed to include vocabulary items and particular grammar aspects.

Mini-Book Project for beginners

This activity may look something like this: The teacher will just write a word on the board. This word could be a noun, an adjective, an adverb or a pronoun. Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line.

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Features of academic writing

¥ ©§¤¥¢£ £! ¥¢¢ ¨¨©§¥£¡¡¡¡ " ¤ ¢¢ Among novice teachers, countless are those who wonder how a good lesson normally should begin. Adversarial Legal Writing and Oral Argument (University Casebook Series) [Michael tsuki-infini.com, Christy tsuki-infini.comtis] on tsuki-infini.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Highlights of this offering from Murray and DeSanctis' Legal Research and Writing include: Use of the TREAT paradigm and the doctrine of explanatory synthesis which are superior rhetorical devices to maximize the persuasive 5/5(1).

‘Writing as a collaborative process’ is the major philosophy of writing instruction in the contemporary university writing center.

The view of writing as a process, not as a product, puts the emphasis of instruction on the process of writing instead of the product of writing, which focuses on the ‘talk’ of the instruction, not the text.

When it comes to writing topics, several sensible elements have to be regarded with a lot of concern, the most important of which is motivating individual critical creativity.

What's wrong with this writing prompt?

The literary work is two types, either a creative writing or the study of what is written. Writing is a creative work that values man as a creator and raises his existance above the world of subsistance, but that work we call "study" is the way (by which) another literate person sees and analyses the work in question.

Abdessalami writing a cover
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